Herzl Magic Bracket: The Winner!

By Danny Soshnik

Was there ever any doubt?  In a landslide finale to a wonderful tournament, Friday Night Song Session is the champion of the Herzl Magic Bracket Championship.

Let’s see how it got here.  The #1 seed in the Vanegba region, the Song Session got off to a fast start against #16 Intimidating Kitchen Staff.  Brandon was simply no match for Flip.

The second round pitted the Song Session against #8 The Birthday Song.  Herzl’s birthday song is unique, no question.  But how could the singing of just one song beat out the weekly singing of many.  This mismatch is as bad as comparing University of Wisconsin to Michigan academically.  It’s just not close. [Editor’s Note:  Oh snap!]

The Song Session caught a break when #12 Chugim Follies and Policy Schtick pulled a major upset over #4 Slow Flag Songs on Final Shabbat.  I thought that tear jerker of a tradition could have made a deep run, but, alas it was no match-up for the Oompa Loompas.

The road to the Final Four was really easy, as the biggest Cinderella in the entire tournament, #15 pooping in South Haks upset #6 Kadimah Play in the Sweet 16.  Poop’s run was fun, but Song Session really wasn’t tested all the way into the final four.

In the Elite Eight, Song Session caught yet another break when #3 Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup upset #1 World League.  I was shocked by this outcome, as grilled cheese is available everywhere.  But majority ruled, and the Cheese, Glorious Cheese advanced.

In the match-up against Grilled Cheese, Song Session had its first true test.  But Song Session was too powerful and advanced to the finals.

The finals, which pitted Bikkurim against Song Session was not even close.  I think there were 12 votes, 11 of which were for Song Session.   Had #1 Caravan beaten #2 Bikkurim, the finals may have been a lot closer.  It would have been a match-up of Shabbat against Shabbat.

To me, this tournament was very interesting, and I liked reading the perspectives offered in the comments.  Multigenerational responses allowed me to learn the Bikkurim used to be 3 days, and in the end, we saw what people really love about Herzl Camp.

So, thank you for humoring me for the last 8 or so months – it’s been a good run.  Now I’m going to have to actually think of something creative to write in future blog posts.

Congratulations to the Champion of all Herzl – the Friday Night Song Session.  I hope to see you at a Friday Night Song Session at Machaneh Herzl soon.

[Editor’s Note:  Please all join me in thanking Danny for an INCREDIBLY Herzl Magic Bracket countdown!  It only took 9 months, but what an incredible amount of creativity and schticky fun that could come from one of Herzl Camp’s greatest legends!]

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